Homeowner Solutions


"All mailboxes installed upon Lots shall be uniform".
If you need a replacement you may contact:

Mailbox Solutions ~ 317-460-1010

Supplied by a helpful homeowner:

"Mailbox solutions in Indianapolis 317.460.1010 is offering a group rate for the lowest cost I've found on mailbox replacement.3 or more people 88.93 for the mailbox + 20.00 delivery and install fee with the correct lettering and color required by the covenants".  (as of 11.3.15)

Ottos ~ 1-800-888-7996

Mailbox Pro ~ 317-575-8884

These companies are out of Indianapolis.  If anyone is aware of a Howard County company, please contact a member of the Board.


"All clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, service yards, woodpiles or storage piles shall be kept from view of neighboring homes and streets".

One of the biggest area of violation in the covenants is trash cans.  They should either be in your garage or a small enclosure (may be a couple sections of fence built at the side of your home).  Requires architectural approval.


"Each owner shall promptly perform all maintenance and repair of his/her Lot and Dwelling.  Such maintenance and repairs include, but are not limited to, all exterior surface, siding, roof, gutters...". 

Another area of violation is missing siding.  To properly match your siding color, take a piece of siding to Menards and they can color match siding for you.

"No semi-tractor trucks, semi-trucks, semi-tractor trailers, boats, campers, mobile homes, disabled vehicles, and/or trailers shall be permitted to park on the Property or a Lot unless fully enclosed in a garage".

If you need storage for your boat or camper, one possible solution is:
Shamrock Storage, 3210 S. Goyer rd, 513-1188


Lowes and Menards both have a list of contractors that will do various types of installation, repairs, etc.